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Finfarm-Map2About Fin Farm

Fin Farm LLC is a fish farm and water management business located in northwest Ohio. With 30+ years experience in fish production and pond care, a degree in fisheries management, and hands-on work at federal and state fish hatcheries, we are prepared to give you advice on stocking and care of your pond. We use and sell what has worked for us and are happy to provide you with those same quality products. Our fish are health-certified, and we are state licensed for pesticide application for weed control. We offer custom pond treatments.

Our first pond was dug in 1976. We now have over 20 ponds and an indoor facility used to rear fish. At times we co-op with other providers to ensure a steady supply of healthy fish. Additional sizes and species are available. Check with us for specific needs. Our fish are available for pickup at the Fin Farm or by truck delivery.

We have built aeration systems since the early 1980’s. Check out our bottom bubblers, fountains and wind-powered aerators. Through research, trial and error, we developed one of the best bottom bubbler systems on the market. Thousands of our membrane diffusers are in use throughout the U.S. We specialize in installing all types of aeration systems.


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New for 2016

Fin Farm Fish Attractors


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Fin Farm Fish Attractors


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Solar Aerators


Our Solar Aerators add much needed oxygen to the water using the power of the Sun! We offer a variety of Solar Aerators starting with a shallow water aerator priced at $899.00

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Bo-Jo Fishlight


The economical and ecological way to control nighttime insects, feed fish, and catch them… all at the same time!

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Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), or white Amur, is a member of the minnow family native to the Amur River region in Asia. They feed almost exclusively on aquatic plants. Their short digestive tract requires grass carp to feed almost continuously when water temperatures are above 68ºF, which means they can eat two to three times their body weight each day. This makes them an excellent biological control of certain nuisance aquatic plants.

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Blue Tilapia. They feed on vegetation and prefer to eat algae! Tilapia are a warm water fish that thrive in our ponds during the summer months. We raise them in our heated indoor facility. They work great for algae control. Stock in late May to early June for best results.

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